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We need our community's support to ensure this service is a success. Your feedback and ideas for improvement will help us better the service for our community.

The Burrumbuttock - Walla Walla - Jindera- Albury and Holbrook - Albury / Wagga Wagga on demand services are a partnership between Regional Buses and Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW).

Regional Buses and TfNSW are keen to receive feedback and ideas from passengers (and non passengers) about the operation of the service. This feedback will allow us to fine tune the service to make sure it is serving the community in the best way possible.

We would prefer written feedback either in email or letter form, but if that is not possible then a phone call would be great.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you aboard our bus!


Phone: 0448 353 281

Post: Regional Buses, 16 Commercial St, Walla Walla, New South Wales, 2659




Thank you for supporting your local bus service. We will be in contact shortly!

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